With conservatism towards liberty, justice, fairness and prosperity.


We insist that the 20th century totalitarianisms - nazism and communism - acted as direct revolt against truth, human nature, dignity and freedom and that is why we are morally obliged to fight them until their complete suppression. We refuse socialism of any kind because of its illusion that the happiness and wealth of citizens could be provided by broad state powers, of its naive aspiration to reach forced egality at the cost of violation of freedom and dignity. We disagree to liberals because of their extreme individualism without any regard neither to traditional bounds of men nor to the truth of the existence of objective ideal overreaching all of us. We hold truths inherited from our ancestors’ wisdom and experience and we want to hand them over to the creativity and inventiveness of our descendants.

Twelve years after the velvet revolution the Czech republic shows formal signs of a democratic state but in reality it is not as such. Present days political and economical bosses often come from the former ranks of power and the Secret Police and mostly are not democrats respecting moral principles, written code of laws as well as unwritten rules of fair play. We regard them unacceptable to go on governing the country because they have abused their fellowcitizens’ credit of early 90’s and because at present they treat these powers resulting from that credit as unlimited and exclusive ticket for the parliament and government positions.

After the velvet revolution there were not created - deliberately - conditions as for getting square with the communist past. The political representants, and we mean those of the highest rank, did so after the November of 1989 with the intention not to create an example that the abuse of powers and crimes are to be punished. With that they created conditions for their future immunity too. Everything that happened during 90’s was the natural consequence of that.

We have professed the new right-wing policy and its conservatism that lead to the ethical and economic superiority of the western civilization and its victory in the Cold War. That broadened the room for freedom including our homeland.

We understand our country’s elite neither as the present political representation nor as closed intellectual circles, but our fellowcitizens with no regard to the race, nationality, faith, sex or education, people characterized by honesty, industriousness and the capability of sacrifice and service, self-confident and liberal-minded. These citizens we address and call them to help us step by step to strengthen democracy, freedom, law and justice, morality and prosperity in our country.

We believe to succeed in doing so by enforcing and fulfilling this programme together.


In the political sphere the Conservative Party wants


·           to enforce return of morality into politics as well as into activities that saturate politics.

·           to insist that the responsibility of abuse of powers and of communist crimes should be born by concrete persons including those who enabled their impunity during the 90’s because our country’s future is endangered if this will not happen. A positive example for us is the denazification of Germany by victorious Powers after the World War II, continuated by all successive governments of Germany. The negative example is then missing debolshevization in the countries of the former Soviet Union that led to corruption, criminality and the existence of mafias in all spheres of social life.

·           to enforce law to be demandable with no regard to social status of individuals demanding it, with the intention to create social awareness that a crime is followed by an immediate and just punishment.

·           to respect absolute immunity of private possession except for that profited by illegal manners.

·           to create environment for the education of next generation on principles of Christian values.

·           to support the Czech citizens living without our state territory to be allowed to take part in elections.


In relation to civil society the Conservative Party wants


·           to start from the awareness of the fact that the mediating civil structures, formed by the plentiful network of associations, such as communal, hobby, charitable, religious, educational, sporting and other, can secure natural differentiation and variety of society as well as multiplicity of opportunities to realise individual goals, form the counterbalance to the more and more expansive state powers and false egalitarianism and prevent from breaking the society apart to insulated individuals.




In the sphere of taxes the Conservative Party wants


·           to enforce equal 15 % tax for natural persons as well as for corporate bodies, with the tax-free fundament of  180.000 Kc. This enables well-balanced economical progress of the state and significantly strengthens personal decision of citizens as for spending of their incomes.

·           to enforce the value added taxes to be lowered from 22% to 17%

·           to enforce cancelling the capital transfer tax for all inheritors, estate taxes for all recipients and saving taxes as well as dividends taxes in order to prevent from double taxing.

·           to enforce consequent tax collecting and strict recourse of tax delinquency and tax avoidance.


In economic policy the Conservative Party wants


·           to enforce capitalism without adjectives, with consequent application of antimonopoly policy and with non-bureaucratic as well as non-corruption environment supporting small and medium enterprises, with minimal state interventions.


In agricultural policy the Conservative Party wants


·           to demand possessions illegally retained and misused by various joint stocks and other agricultural and forestry corporations to be returned to their authentic owners. We have been working on the fact that rural and forest landscape is not only the environment for food production and resources but also the environment for the whole of society to live in, and that agriculture is not primarily only business but that it is a husbandry. To economize the soil demands long-term responsibility and care which is best provided by family farms handed over from a generation to the other one. This excludes neither modern forms of farming nor association of these owners into co-operative farms of European type. The agriculture transformation, as it was realized in the 90’s, has led neither to recovery of natural ownership nor to long-term responsibility as for the economizing the soil and forests.

·           to constitute criteria for distribution of directed grants.


In social policy the Conservative Party wants


·           to create such social environment so that every citizen’s will and responsibility was the major guaranty of his or her dignified life because excessive dependency on a state social programme is a limitation of freedom, self-confidence and dignity. Inadequate social conveniences can cause the loss of motivating and make a citizen more and more depended on the providing role of the state. It is immoral when a citizen demands from the state what should be the result of his own work. That is why we will lay stress on strengthening of the traditional family role in conviction that such a family is not a social problem but, on the contrary, if it is functional and provided by sufficient room it itself is capable to prevent social problems or to solve them.

·           to direct social programmes towards disabled citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation not by theirs own fault so that to enable them dignified living.

·           to make possible that religious institution, charitable associations, foundations, civil institutions as well as individuals can take share in social policy.

·           to enforce retirement system reform based on the maximum reduction of the present continual system (Pay As You Go) and the transition to the fund system. It is necessary to separate retirement insurance system consistently from the state budget. To start this retirement reform using the privatization revenues.


In health care policy the Conservative Party wants


·           to enforce democratization of health care system so that the representatives of the insured participate in the health insurance management as well as in the inspection of the public health care system.

·           to enforce resolute levy of health premium.

·           to enforce exact definition of standard and more than standard health care.

·           to support additional insurance system that will justify the payer to afford more than standard level of treatment and cure.

·           to enforce the state and private health cares to be separated.

·           to standardize top-level diagnostic installations on the base of broad consensus of the health care community.





In the education, science, culture, religious matters as well as in the monuments and nature preservation the Conservative Party wants


·           to enforce good quality and free of charge basic school education as well as the child education at home.

·           the state, private and religious schools to be on the same level and to grant to private and religious schools the same subsidies per pupil from public budgets as to state schools.

·           to create environment for the inspection of the educational process level.

·           to enforce school-fees in the sphere of university school education together with the state guaranteed conditions for low-interest loans. That enables much larger number of students not only to acquire university education but will also lead students to greater responsibility and the schools to higher standard of education.

·           to support classification of higher education as schools "A" where the scientific and research activities outweigh those of pedagogy that are concentrated on postgraduate forms of study; schools "B" where both activities are balanced and such schools are concentrated on master degree and engineer forms of study; and finally schools "C" with only pedagogic activities concentrated on bachelor forms of studies.

·           to support scientific research to be divided into basic and applied, with grants for the basic research settled by the academic community. The applied research financing to be transferred into the private sector.

·           to support an active role of the state in the protection and maintaining of national and cultural monuments as well as working of the national and cultural institutions.

·           to support the church and the state to be separated, together with restitution claims unconditionally settled, so that churches become financially independent and be able to fulfil their religious and charitable mission.

·           to consider nature protection one of the fundamental conditions of quality life.

·           to support citizens’ general awareness of the proper ecology approaches.


In the home security sphere the Conservative Party wants


·           to enforce the personal stabilization of the security forces as a priority for effective covering of the home security in our country. We will enforce these forces to be profoundly cleansed from those connected with the communist system who do not perform the Verification act requirements and the Secret facts act as well as those who did not pass the security tests.

·           to strengthen the Police authority and at the same time to suppress consequently bribery within the Police forces and the powers abusing as well.

·           to insist upon the right to keep firearm for unblemished citizens.

·           to enforce stricter punishments for violent act perpetrators and punish strictly street vandalism as well as small crimes.


In the foreign policy and the defence the Conservative Party wants


·           to follow vital interests of the Czech republic, i. e. to preserve and defend the present political system within the country.

·           to enforce our acting within NATO to be intensified and to secure our personal representation to be more skilled and less perilous as for the security points of view.

·           to enforce the professional army to be established together with short-term but effective training of men for the defence. The defence spendings should not be lower than 3 % of the GHP.

·           to enforce NATO to be strengthened and extended so that Slovakia, the Baltic states and Israel should be admitted with the aim to secure effectively the Western civilization; to oppose the Russia to be admitted into NATO.

·           after CR becoming a member of EU, to oppose socialist and neo-communist tendencies and, again, to enforce conservative principles.

·           to support friendly relations to all neighbouring countries as well as to enforce those president Benes decrees which were based on collective demerits to be vitiated "from this moment forth" with no property claims to be constituted.

·           to support military and political presence of the USA in Europe to be preserved.

·           to seek the Transatlantic Zone of Free Trade Association to be established between the North America and Europe.

·           to enforce a common Euro-American anti-missile system to be established.

·           to refuse additional strengthening of the UNO.


Prague, the 16th of March 2002.

* Translated by J. Zummer.